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Hi!  I’m Debbie and you’ve stopped by my little corner of the Digital World.  This is StudioFour/4, the place for Clip Art, Illustrations & Pattern Design.

I live in the wonderful Pacific Northwest of the United States, just outside of Seattle with my forever love, my awesome husband David. And to keep us company and help in the studio are our two dogs, Deja and Dominic and two old obnoxious cats, Smokey and Trillian.  Kids??  yep, we have 5 between us, all grown and doing there own wonderful things.

I’ve spent so many years cultivating a fear of sharing my art and shredding pieces that I didn’t think were good enough.  But, over time I finally decided, with the awesome support of David and my kids to go back and finish school.  I got certified as a Graphic Designer and remembered  how much I enjoyed and missed drawing, painting and creating.  So, a few (A LOT, really) Skillshare classes, some CreativeLive encouragement and blog after blog of people who had the courage to put their work out there for the world to see, I finally did this!!!  And now you are here.

If you are interested in Graphic Design Work please go to my Design Page here or click on the Design Services link at the top of this page.

So enjoy!
If we could work together on a design project, an illustration or some custom clipart… CONTACT ME.  🙂

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