Fundraising for disaster relief

heart-map2I live in the Pacific Northwest.  All around are fires, and the devastation of natural resources, parks and even properties has been overwhelming and sad this year.   All across the globe people are experiencing natural disasters, the force of Mother Nature.  It’s sad and so disheartening to see people in all walks of life lose their homes and communities, sometimes even lives.
I really want to help somehow, I want to go down the road and help the firefighters hose down forestry,  go to Houston and help drain flood waters, I have family in Florida, I’d love to go and help them clean up from Irma.  None of these are really options for me!  It’d be so cool to write a check for a few thousand dollars and send it off to an organization that could offer help to the victims where I could not.   WELL, that’s what I’m hoping to do!!  I do not have thousands of dollars in my bank, but I do have skills and I do have time and desire.  So, I’ve created a design for 2017 disaster relief.  I’m selling the design on tshirts, Posters and coffee mugs through  The products will all range in the 15 – 40 dollar range and be available here, and soon in my Etsy Store, I’ll update this link when they’re ready.  Profits from each item sold will be donated to the

Thank you for checking out this post and I hope together we can make a difference in someones life.

Here is what the design looks like on a tshirt.  mockup2


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